The competence for professional reproductive medicine

HSB-Blendivet GmbH offers services related to dog breeding and is aimed at the following groups:

Owners of breeding bitches (also see DogRep)

  • Basic examination of a bitch to enter into to breeding

  • Preparation before pregnancy

  • Mating time determination with the highest accuracy with determination of fertile period

  • Insemination (fresh semen, cooled semen, frozen semen)

  • Pregnancy test

  • Delivery Planning

  • Initial care for puppies

  • Examination and care if the bitch remains empty

  • Online access to the DogRep breeder program. You have access to all the resources related to your bitches

    Owners of breeding males (also see DogStock)

  • Andrological examination including semen analysis

  • Insemination (fresh semen, cooled semen, frozen semen)

  • Semen Shipping (fresh semen, cooled semen, frozen semen)

  • Preparation of frozen semen (both at our headquarters, as well as at pedigree dog shows or externally, if semen from several males is to be collected at the same time)

  • Semen Storage

  • Infertility Examination

  • Online access to the DogStock breeder program. You have access to all the semen samples stored in your name

    Breeding clubs and associations

  • Articles about dog breeding from a veterinarian point of view, for example for the club magazine

  • (New) breeder talks about the exciting time from pregnancy to birth and the first puppy development

Veterinary practices and clinics

  • Breeding time determination at the highest level.
    • You can send serum samples to one of our partners (see DogRep) and have them examined and benefit from HSB-Blendivet KnowHow.
    • You transfer your customers to an under partner for breeding time determination, based on this special theme
  • If, under certain conditions, you yourself DogRep-Partner join HSB-Blendivet, you will build your specialization in the field of reproductive medicine!

    Are you interested in lectures and seminars on reproductive health?

We are regularly represented at veterinary conferences and also hold afternoon or evening seminars for smaller groups of veterinarians.
If you are interested just ask (info@hsb-blendivet.de).