The service of HSB-Blendivet Canine Semen Bank

Everything in view and high flexibility thanks to a focused approach

The service of the HSB-Blendivet Canine Semen Bank offers you:

  • Import and Export - worldwide
    Whether it be Europe, USA, Canada, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Japan - we realize your wide-ranging breeding projects
  • Secure semen storage for decades
  • Personal, individual online access to your inventory
    - Always up-to-date overview of your inventory
  • High flexibility with timelines for semen testing or preparation of deep-frozen semen
    Bitches in heat at the practice almost daily
    With over 1500 progesterone determinations in bitches in heat at the Wallau location, a bitch in heat is in practice as good as every day. This provides the greatest flexibility in the appointment agreement for semen examinations or preservation
  • Benefit from our decades of experience with deep-frozen insemination
    Insemination dates with deep-frozen sperm are determined by the ovulation in the bitch. If the determined day is on the weekend, we can, thanks to the cooperation with the Drs. Blendinger veterinary practice, be there for you on these days.